Celebrities and Eyewear

Celebrities and Eyewear

Celebrities have always played a huge part in influencing the latest fashion trends. This is great news for anybody who wears glasses because our favourite VIPs have made wearing spectacles trendy once again. Below are just a few of the most influential glasses wearers along with some of their most famous looks.

Elton John


Possibly the most iconic glasses wearer of all time is Elton John. The international superstar is famed for his impressive collection of spectacles and is rarely spotted without them. As his signature accessory, Elton admits to owning more than 250,000 pairs of glasses so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to learn that his collection is housed in its very own walk-in wardrobe. 


johnny-depp and glasses

Johnny Depp

As one of the most fancied men in the world, Johnny Depp officially eradicates the 

 myth that glasses are only for geeks. The actor is well-known for embracing round glasses with keyhole detailing to create a vintage-inspired look with modern appeal. 


Justin Timberlake

justin-timberlake and glasses

 Justin Timberlake has made no secret of the fact that he’s short-sighted and has embraced wearinglasses with ease. He can often be spotted on the red carpet sporting a pair of stylish frames which accentuate his sophisticated fashion sense.  



jennifer-aniston and glasses

Jennifer Aniston

While her Friends character, Rachel may have been better known for her hair than her eyewear, Jennifer Aniston is regularly spotted donning a pair of spectacles. As a lover of beach holidays, the actress is often papped sporting a stylish pair of sunglasses as well.


Emma Watson


As well as being a talented actress who rose to fame after staring in Harry Potter, Emma Watson is also a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. She’s regularly photographed wearing a stylish pair of frames and proving that glasses are officially the epitome of style, Watson was crowned the winner of the British Fashion Award in 2014. The Chanel sunglasses she was spotted wearing during Cannes in 2013 also won her big brownie points in the fashion stakes.