NEW Video: Style and Eyewear

NEW Video: Style and Eyewear

We teamed up with Carl Thompson, Founder of Hawkins & Shepherd @hawkinsandshepherd, and Ellie Adams Blogger @ellenextdoor, to share their views on eyewear and style.

Carl Thompson

Founder of Hawkins & Shepherd

How important is style to you?

Extremely important and living in London you are never short of inspiration. I think it is important to pay attention to the small little details and glasses play a massive part in that.

How would you describe your style?

My style is very diverse, I love wearing tailored suits, shirts and getting dappered up – making an effort is important to me. Saying that, on a day to day basis you’ll most likely find me wearing all black, ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

How important is eyesight to you?

Running a tailoring business and working as a menswear influencer, without sight I’m not sure I would be able to continue with either and they are my loves. Being a shirt maker, attention to small details makes major differences and having a healthy pair of eyes is critical. I do think we all take our senses for granted a little bit and should care more for our eyes to keep them working at their optimal level for a long as possible.

When did you start wearing glasses?

I don’t recall exactly when but I was still in primary school, so around 10 years old. They were gold framed with the Transformers symbols on the side…it was all the rage back then, the girl I had a crush on had the ‘My little Pony’ version!

Describe your eyewear style…

I can’t really wear anything too large, they just look a little ridiculous on my face as well as really small rectangular frames – they are just not my preferred style. I have a small oval shaped face so the styles that suit me the best and medium sized round frames. In terms of colours due to my skin tone, I feel tortoiseshell or anything black or grey even green suit be well.

How was your first experience at David Clulow Opticians?

Totally seamless from start to finish. Friendly, knowledgable staff but most importantly it didn’t feel like a busy opticians, it felt like I was having my eyes tested in a comfortable, homely environment. They even complimented me on what I was wearing!

For you, what are the best things about David Clulow Opticians?

For me David Clulow shouts quality and expertise. I shop there because they only stock the best glasses and sunglasses brands in the world. Brands that are built on history and exceptional design, much like the opticians background of David Clulow.

Ellie Adams


How important is style to you?

Style is really important to me. It’s just something that makes me feel good in myself and it’s an amazing way of expressing yourself. If I love what I’m wearing, I immediately feel more confident and ready for the day.

How would you describe your style?

This is such a toughie but I would say that my style is quite scandi; minimalistic, casual tailoring and laid back with the occasional pop of colour.

How important is eyesight to you?

Oh my goodness my eyesight is the most important thing to me. Whenever I forget my glasses I just feel like I’m missing out on the world. Being able to see all of the amazing things around us is a total blessing.

How is eyesight important for what you do in your professional and personal life?

For me, eyesight is so important professionally because as a blogger, I need to be able to see that my photos are completely in focus. I need to be able to read the product names when I’m filming videos and I need to make sure I haven’t missed any details in my emails. Personally, I always feel completely self conscious if I don’t have my glasses because I struggle to read tube maps, menus, street signs… it almost takes away your independence because I’m constantly relying on people to read things to me. I also travel a lot so I want to be able to see all of the incredible things I’m visiting.

When did you start wearing glasses?

I started wearing glasses when I was 18 and I genuinely did go to David Clulow Opticians to get my first pair (this is actually, genuinely true haha)

Describe your eyewear style?

My eyewear style I would say is quite classic. I like a slightly larger, rectangular frame and always tend to go for tortoiseshell as it suits my hair/skintone a little better.

What do you look for in eyewear?

I look for eyewear that looks stylish but is also classic. I tend to stick with one pair so I like them to be able to work with everything I wear.

Tell me about your first experience at David Clulow Opticians?

My first experience was incredible, the eye test was extremely thorough and everything just felt so easy. I also love how much choice there is at David Clulow too, perfect for a first timer that doesn’t know what style suits them best.

What are the best things about David Clulow Opticians?

I would have to say the brands David Clulow stocks. I love that you can splurge a little on Chanel and Prada or go for much more affordable options too.