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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Urgent Care

    By on 1st April 2020

    We are proud to announce our Urgent Eyecare service

    David Clulow
  • An Eye For Detail

    By on 2nd March 2020

    We are delighted to introduce our brand campaign for the year, showcasing our beautifully styled glasses & sunglasses, all...

    David Clulow
  • Celebrating Mother’s Day with Jakki Jones

    By on 29th March 2019

    When Jones isn’t at her 9 to 5 as a talent manager, she balances being a greeting card designer,...

    David Clulow
  • London Fashion Week AW19

    By on 25th March 2019

    Billie Bhatia, Fashion News Editor for Stylist Magazine, gives us the inside scoop on trends for AW19 from London...

    David Clulow
  • Nottingham City Guide

    By on 25th March 2019

    Mark Livermore,, visits the historic and urban city of Nottingham to experience what the city has to offer, including...

    David Clulow
  • Sightseeing in Glorious Bath

    By on 22nd January 2019

    Jordan Bunker visits the beautiful city of Bath to experience all of the delights the city has to offer,...

    David Clulow
  • Vegan Yorkshire Puddings

    By on 19th December 2018

    Gaz Oakley has perfected the ultimate Vegan Yorkshire puddings for David Clulow Opticians. Find the recipe here.

    David Clulow
  • Adam Handling – Eye for Detail Campaign

    By on 30th November 2018

    Adam Handling’s career in the culinary arts has been nothing short of illustrious.

    David Clulow
  • Cliveden Literary Festival: A Day of Intellect and Intrigue

    By on 12th October 2018

    Billie Bhatia reviews the Cliveden Literary Festival, sponsored by David Clulow Opticians

    David Clulow
  • Ian Wright – Eye for Detail Campaign

    By on 3rd September 2018

    Ian Wright’s career as an illustrator has spanned 4 decades, with his artwork being used for some incredible album...

    David Clulow