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David Clulow Contact Lenses

David Clulow Contact Lenses

We are proud to announce our new David Clulow Opticians Contact Lenses! A family of high-performance one-day lenses with an extensive range of prescription options in sphere, toric and multifocal to meet the needs of today’s patients who demand quality without compromise.

Why people wear Contact Lenses:

  • Contact lenses offer freedom for active lives, sporting activities and socialising.
  • Contact lenses can boost confidence in appearance.
  • Contact lenses for all the times that glasses get in the way – when you’re cooking, when it’s raining, when the kids are grabbing at your glasses, when you’re doing DIY, when you using your face mask etc…
  • Contact lenses for a full range of vision, not just through the front lens of your glasses
  • Contact lenses when you want to choose any pair of sunglasses in the store.

Why choose David Clulow one day family?

The David Clulow Opticians one day family of lenses offers the latest technology in both material and design giving you the ultimate combination of quality, comfort, health, and excellent vision.

  • Comfort – all day long comfort due to incredibly soft material and high water content.
  • Health – new technology, highly breathable material which means all the oxygen your eye needs to stay white, bright and healthy, as well as a UV block.  Wear a fresh, new pair each time.
  • Vision – Prescription range – widest range of prescriptions in a silicone hydrogel daily lens family, catering to nearly all of vision correction prescriptions.
  • If you are short-sighted, long-sighted, have an astigmatism or are starting to find it difficult to read up close, there is very likely to be a contact lens option for you.