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Joining the Style Service

Can I combine mine and another adult onto a shared plan because I only need 1 pair?

Each adult plan is for an individual adult, you are not able to combine plans for adults.

Does my wardrobe have to contain only prescription glasses?

No, you can have 1 pair of non-prescription sunglasses, but the remaining pair(s) must include prescription.

Can I combine a Contacts by Mail plan and The Style Service plan as 1 payment?

We aren’t currently able to take 1 payment for both of these plans, however you are still able to have both plans running concurrently and payments for each plan will be taken separately.

Can I join The Style Service if I’m not a UK resident anymore but still have a UK bank account?

Unfortunately, not, you will need to have a permanent UK home address for at least 3 years in order to sign up to the plan.

Is it possible to combine multiple offers & promotions on my Style Service Plan? Eg 50% off my 2nd pair?

With all the amazing benefits of the plan, including free reglazing and free eye tests we don’t allow any discounts or promotions to be added on to a Style Service plan. 

Can I have a Ray-Ban Complete pair, with the fixed price on the plan?

As we offer only Essilor lenses with the Style Service, we would not be able to offer this. You are more than welcome to have a pair of Ray-Ban glasses or sunglasses in your Style Service wardrobe with cutting edge Essilor lenses.


Can I have Authentic Chanel/Oakley/Ray-Ban Lenses?

Currently the lenses available on the Style Service are Essilor branded lenses, these including cutting edge technology.

I currently have single vision lenses in my Style Service wardrobe however, I have now been advised I need Varifocals, do I get a free upgrade?

Yes! All pairs of prescription glasses & sunglasses in your active Style Service wardrobe will be eligible for reglazing into your updated prescription, including when you change from single vision to varifocal.

Can I have additional prescription lens add-ons at no cost when I get to reglaze my glasses or sunglasses?

Yes, we are able to add on, for no additional costs, things like Transitions, Blue Light filters & Coatings when you are due to reglaze.

Refreshing my collection & Reglazing

When can I change my non-prescription sunglasses?

You can refresh your non-prescription sunglasses on years 1, 3, 5, 7 etc of your Style Service Plan. An easy way to remember are the years you don’t have an eye test.

I would like to give my non-prescription sunglasses on my Style Service plan as a gift, are there any restrictions?

Not at all, you will still be responsible for the monthly finance payments.

My prescription hasn’t changed, what are my options?

In order to continue receiving the Style Service benefits, you must refresh 1 pair of glasses or sunglasses in your Style Service plan annually.

I have broken or lost my glasses or sunglasses can I come in early to update my wardrobe?

You can come in as early as 3 months before each annual sign-up anniversary

Is the free reglaze every 2 years optional?

Within your active Style Service wardrobe, you are able to take advantage of the free reglazing service every 2 years, on the years you also will have a free eye test. We will always update your lenses to the latest technology, even if you don’t have an updated prescription.

Do my glasses or sunglasses have to be in a good condition when I’m due for an upgrade?

No, the condition of glasses or sunglasses does not effect if you can upgrade.

Is there a time limit for when I can have my free reglaze?

In order to have your free reglaze, you must have added a new pair of glasses or sunglasses into your wardrobe, and the free reglaze(s) must be redeemed within 30 days of collection of your new glasses or sunglasses in your wardrobe.

At what point can I add or remove a pair of Style Service plan glasses or sunglasses from my wardrobe?

You can decrease your plan from 3 pairs to 2 pairs within 30 days of starting the plan. If you would like to increase your wardrobe from 2 pairs to 3 pairs, you are able to do this either within 30 days of starting the plan or at each annual refresh.

Can someone else take up my upgrade pair?

Each plan is tied to the individual user and so the upgrades will need to be taken by the owner of the Style Service plan.

Can I visit any David Clulow Opticians to add a new pair of glasses or sunglasses to my wardrobe and extend my plan every year?

Yes, any standalone David Clulow Opticians will be able to help you add a new pair of glasses or sunglasses into your wardrobe and extend your plan by a further year.

Payments & Returns

Is there a minimum spend?

No minimum spend however there is a minimum order quantity of 2 pairs.

Do I get charged interest on my plan?

The plan includes an interest free loan, so no interest is charged (APR = 0%).

Am I required to make my first payment when I visit the store?

Yes, the first instalment of your plan is taken in-store, after that it will be a monthly direct debit.

Can I redeem my Edenred or NHS voucher towards my Style Service plan?

Yes, we will adjust the price of your plan, and you will see this breakdown on your receipt.

Can I redeem the any voucher I was sent through email like my £50 Birthday voucher?

Yes, we will take the value of the voucher the price of your plan, and you will see this breakdown on your receipt.

Is it possible to use my David Clulow gift card towards the monthly payments or to reduce the total plan?

Unfortunately not, gift cards are not redeemable against The Style Service.

Can another adult apply for credit finance for different adult?

Yes the credit finance and payments can be made by another adult, it’s important that the Style Service plan must be under the name of the person receiving the glasses.

Can I receive a full refund if I cancel within the 30-day cooling off period?

As long as all of the products are in a saleable condition, then yes we will be able to offer you a full refund.

Can I cancel any time after the 30-day cooling period without a penalty?

The remaining balance of your plan must be paid in full either as a one-off payment or continuing monthly payments as agreed in the initial sign up.

I can no longer afford to keep up with my monthly payments, who do I speak to?

You can contact the lender, our financial partner Adaro Optics Ltd on 03303 240 077 or email at customerfinance@adaro.net

Have I got the option to change my frames or sunglasses within the 30-day cooling off period?

Yes that’s no problem at all, it’s worth noting that your plan value may change depending on the cost of the new frame or sunglasses that you choose.

Is there another credit check when I select a new pair of glasses or sunglasses every year?

Yes, every time you add a new pair of glasses or sunglasses into your Style Service plan we will run a credit check as a new loan agreement is entered into each time your wardrobe is refreshed.

Do my glasses & sunglasses come with a guarantee?

No, if you wish to continue to enjoy the benefits of the Style Service, you must continue the monthly payment and add a new pair of glasses or sunglasses every year to your wardrobe.

Warranty, Guarantee & The Quality Promise as part of The Style Service

Do my glasses & sunglasses come with a guarantee?

Standard manufactures warranty is included on every pair of glasses & sunglasses we sell. This does not include lost, theft or accidental breakage.

Do my glasses & sunglasses come with the 1-year breakage protection guarantee as part of the Quality Promise?

Yes, however any redemption of the 50% off breakage protection will be classed as outside of your plan and full payment will need to be taken in-store.

Is manufacture warranty still applicable on pairs no longer in my style service plan?

Yes, we will still honour all manufacturing warranties, even if you have removed a pair of glasses or sunglasses from your Style Service collection.

Communication & Marketing Consent

Will my information be used for marketing or shared with 3rd party companies?

David Clulow Opticians & Adaro (our financial partner) will never share any of your personal or financial information with 3rd party companies, except with our credit reference agency TransUnion UK for the sole purpose of performing credit checks. If you would like to receive marketing communications (you get access to discounts, vouchers & exclusive products) you can opt into these types of communications in store. If you choose not to receive marketing, we will still remind you of your eye test and when you are due to update your style service collection as part of our service emails.

Will I get a reminder for my next visit?

Yes, even if you decide not to opt into marketing emails. We will still remind you when you are due to come in to refresh your wardrobe as this will be considered a service-based email. We will also remind you when you are due an eye test.

Recycling & Charitable Donations

What happens to the frames I return?

We will recycle them responsibly through our recycling scheme and we will donate £10 in your name to our charity OneSight.

Can I refuse to remove any of my pairs from the wardrobe for recycling?

Of course! They are your glasses or sunglasses. You are only able to have a maximum of 3 pairs of glasses or sunglasses in your active Style Service wardrobe that would be eligible for reglaze so each year you will need to “remove” a pair from your plan. You will always be able to keep them if you wish.

FAQs - Kids Style Service

Can my child have more than 1 free replacement?

Your child will still be entitled to the NHS GOS4 voucher, which allows for repair or replacement from accidental damage. Outside of this we would not be able to add any additional replacement pairs.

Can my child choose an adult frame and pay £3 a month?

Only frames that our branded Junior ranges are available for this plan. If your child would like an adult frame they will need to have an adult Style Service Plan.

Can my child join the plan if they don’t receive an NHS voucher because we live outside of the UK?

No, as with the adult Style Service plan, you must be a UK resident with a permanent UK home address for the last 3 years.

Can my child join the Style Service if they have used their NHS GOS 3 voucher at another Opticians?

Unfortunately not, only kids who have not yet redeemed their GOS3 vouchers are eligible to join.

Can my child have additional pairs on their Style Service plan?

Only 1 pair is available as part of the kids Style Service plan, if you wish to have an additional pair these will be charged at full price.