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Children’s Glasses

Good vision is extremely important to children because so much of what they learn is taken in through their eyes.

The David Clulow Kids range is designed for children from infancy to early adulthood and come with ultra tough polycarbonate lenses as standard. These impact resistant lenses are thinner, lighter and stronger to help the glasses survive the rough and tumble of a busy, active life.

How to choose the right frames

The David Clulow kids range offers a huge variety of frames and we will make sure that we find one that is right for your child’s needs. Choose from a selection of styles that can be purchased free with an NHS voucher as well as an unparalleled collection of designer frames from brands such as Ray-Ban, Prada and Adidas. At David Clulow, a pair of childrens’ glasses begins with an eye examination and ends with the most sophistocated lens technology available, so you can be confident your childs vision is in safe hands.

Why Choose David Clulow?

We believe that your child deserves the best eye care possible, which is why at David Clulow:

  • Childrens frames are unique in coming with polycarbonate lenses as standard. These high quality lenses are virtually unbreakable making them the safest choice for your child.
  • All our opticians are specially trained to test children’s eyes and to find glasses that fit perfectly – making the experience easy and fun.
  • Parents will receive all the advice they need on looking after their children’s vision including a full after care service.