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Lens Choice

At David Clulow Opticians we believe in taking an individual approach to you, your lifestyle and your vision needs when it comes to choosing lenses for your frames.

Lens Choice

Whether you wear glasses every day or for specific activities, our fully trained opticians can help you to make the right choice. We ensure that our lenses are of the highest quality and include the latest technology meaning that lenses are thinner, flatter and optically superior.

Types of Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

Single vision refers to lenses that have one focal range only as they correct for a single viewing distance and are suitable in all scenarios, whether you need your glasses for driving, working or reading. This type of lens is best for people who have one single prescription; i.e. long sighted.
At David Clulow we offer the latest innovations and technology in single vision lenses, we stock thin – ultra thin options for comfort and appearance. To ensure that you are getting the perfect lenses, we also offer a number of extras including:

Varifocal Lenses

Varifocal lenses combine 3 different prescriptions in one clear lens, allowing you to see comfortably at all distances; near, intermediate and distance. Varifocals are highly recommended for people who require sharp vision at a variety of distances or who are new to glasses because wearers find that they adapt to them very quickly. This type of lens is best for people who need to wear glasses for both distance and near vision.
To help you get the most out of your lenses, we also offer a number of optional extras including:

Bifocal Lenses

These multifocal lenses have two prescriptions; one for distance at the top and one for near vision at the bottom, with a visible dividing line or curve on the lens.

Photocromatic Lenses

Photocromatic lenses perform as everyday clear lenses indoors. Outdoors, they do more, continuously filtering the light, reducing glare and eye fatigue. They adapt to changing light conditions, automatically changing from light to dark according to the level of sunlight. This type of lens is ideal for people with an active outdoor lifestyle or those with light sensitive eyes.


As UV rays are harmful and can damage your eyes, a UV filter is highly recommended for all types of eyewear. At David Clulow, all our sunwear lenses block out UV light in even the most extreme conditions so you can step outside with the utmost confidence.


From fashion to sport lenses, we have a full range of sunglass tints available. Whether you are looking to compliment your style or get that competitive edge, we have everything you need to complete your style.


With only half or two thirds of the lens being tinted, graduated tint lenses offer a slightly more subtle look that can be used to emphasise the wearer’s eyes to their best advantage.


Reglazes are perfect for anyone that may have broken or damaged their lenses or if your prescription has changed. Without the need to buy a new pair of glasses, it means that you can keep your old, favourite frames for as long as you wish.


Bespoke varifocals have been the biggest breakthrough in lens technology in the last 20 years because they can be custom built to any prescription and the varifocal area is on the rear surface of the lens. This benefits the wearer because the varifocal viewing areas are nearer to the front of the eye and are therefore much wider, creating an enhanced optical performance.


Using cutting edge technology, digital lenses offer sharper and clearer vision. With a significant reduction in aberrations and a more uniform design, these lenses present the perfect combination of comfort and style.


With a wide distance vision area, conventional varifocals are designed for everyday use and are therefore ideal for those who wear their glasses all the time rather than for specific activities such as driving or reading.

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At David Clulow Opticians we believe in taking an individual approach to you, your lifestyle and your vision needs when it comes to choosing lenses for your frames.

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