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Intense Regulated Pulsed Light Therapy (IRPL) for Dry Eyes

What Causes Dry Eye?

Dry Eye occurs due to a problem with tear production, excessive evaporation or a combination of both. Dry eye due to excessive evaporation is the most common issue and is due to a problem with the production of the oily component of the tears. The oils within tears are produced by glands in the eyelids. When these glands don’t work properly the oils are affected leading to excessive evaporation and symptoms of dry eye.

What are the symptoms?





Blurred vision

Excessive watering


What is Intense Regulated Pulsed Light therapy (IRPL)?

IRPL is a new technology to help those who suffer with dry eyes. It is specifically known for treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction which is the most common form of dry eye.

IRPL targets:

Improving meibomian gland function.

Unclogging meibomian glands.

Reducing inflammation.

Improving tear film quality and stability by restoring the lipid (oil) layer of the tear film.

Intense Regulated Pulsed Light (IRPL) therapy

What to expect during the treatment:

The treatment only takes 30 minutes. During the treatment you will be sat comfortably with your head at a tilt. As shown in the photo, you will wear protective goggles with ultrasound gel applied around your eye.

The IRPL device will begin to apply a series of flashes under your eye, starting from the upper cheek area under the eye and ending towards the outer edge of the eye. This process is repeated on the opposite eye.

Duration of IRPL therapy:

Day 1.

The first treatment.

Day 15.

The second treatment is 2 weeks later.

Day 45.

The third treatment is 30 days later.

Day 75.

The fourth treatment is another 30 days later.

What results should you expect?

Most patients see a gradual improvement after each treatment session, with a 90% satisfaction rate after the full course of treatment. The results can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years but for long-lasting results it is recommended you come for a yearly top up.

Cost of treatment:

The 4 initial treatment sessions cost £600 in total and the annual top-up costs £150. An initial assessment is required to determine one’s suitability for treatment and costs £50 that can be put towards one of the treatment options offered.

Safety and IRPL:

The eye treatment is completely safe and comfortable to use when performed by our professionals at David Clulow Opticians.

Want to know more?

If you suffer with dry eye and want to know more, have an eye examination with one of our Optometrists. They will be able to pick up the signs of dry eye during an eye examination and talk to you about the different forms of treatment that we have available, including IRPL.

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Scientifically proven:
90% satisfaction

Visit or call your local David Clulow Opticians to find out more about our dry eye treatment.

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