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Meet the new generation of Persol’s most iconic frames

Meet the new generation of Persol’s most iconic frames


Persol presents a new generation of frames that takes inspiration from the iconic design of 649 and Cellor.


To pay tribute to these new series, Persol invites Scott Eastwood, rising star and promising face of a new generation of actors. Through an authentic Hollywood screen test, Scott demonstrates his refined art of acting, interpreting some very different characters.
Contemporary evolution of its predecessor, the new 649 series is a reinterpretation of the iconic 649, born in 1957 to protect the eyes of the tramway drivers from air and dust; it becomes later the iconic model of the Italian cinema. New 649 series evolves the ageless Italian design, with a new spirit and a modern touch specific to its time.
Attention to details remains the same, with unexpected evolutions: the iconic Victor Flex bridge is now made of metal, as well as the frontal frame, which combines this material with acetate.
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PO8359V Col. 108

PO8649S Col. 24/31