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At David Clulow, we care about our community and are committed to giving back which is why we’re proud to be part of Onesight – a family of charitable programmes that are dedicated to improving the vision of people in need through outreach, research and education.

More than 314 million adults and children worldwide suffer from poor vision because they don’t have access to eye examinations and glasses. Through OneSight, David Clulow employees volunteer with doctors and other partners to bring eye care and eyewear to OneSight Global Eye Care Clinics. Through this programme, OneSight has helped more than eight million people around the world to see more clearly since it was founded in 1988.
OneSight, a Luxottica Group Foundation, also funds research and education programmes including preservation grants and scholarships to students who are pursuing degrees in Optometry.


What are the mission, vision and values of OneSight?

  • Mission – our mission is to restore and preserve clear vision for the millions of adults and children in need who cannot afford basic eye care
  • Vision – our vision is a world where vision care is a reality for everyone
  • Values – We value corporate responsibility, connecting and caring

What Are The Goals/Expectations of OneSight?

At OneSight, our goal is to ensure basic vision care for everyone. That is why we united our three regional charitable programmess to ultimately expand our reach into new areas of the world and impact more people. If we all work together, we can realise a world where basic vision care is a reality for everyone.

Where can I learn more about OneSight?

At you can learn about our global programme and specific OneSight activities that take place around the world.

How can I get involved with OneSight?

You can help OneSight to make a difference by simply donating your old sunglasses or prescription eyewear to your nearest David Clulow store.
Our trained volunteers will then collect, clean and repair the eyewear so it’s ready to be delivered to our OneSight Global Eye Care Clinics.
We gladly accept non-prescription sunglasses as well as men’s, women’s and children’s glasses and bi-focals. Donations are accepted at all David Clulow stores. Monetary donations can also be made to the OneSight Foundation to help fund programmes in your own community and all around the world.

What is the Luxottica Group?

The Luxottica Group is a leader in premium, luxury and sports eyewear. With over 7,000 stores worldwide, the company has built a strong reputation for producing high quality and stylish eyewear that interprets the needs, desires and aspiration of consumers all around the world.