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Sightseeing in Glorious Bath

Sightseeing in Glorious Bath

Jordan Bunker, men’s fashion blogger and journalist, visited the beautiful and historic city of Bath courtesy of David Clulow Opticians. There is so much to do and see in Bath, including visiting our brand new store on Union Street, Jordan has put together a handy guide which you can read below.

Ask anyone and they will tell you of the charm that Bath has. Few places are as consistent on the eye – a palette of Georgian architecture and dusty limestone – something that became apparent as I pulled in on the train.

What made the arrival all the more special was the late afternoon sunset as we opened up the apartment front door.

Bags dropped off, it was time for pizza at The Oven and a couple drinks inside Chapter One. With plenty of craft beer in the former hotel now pub it was a strong start to the trip. I find that the first day of arriving in a new place any time after lunch
you do not feel like you can properly go out and explore so I often leave it for a small wander to ease into the trip, which in this instance meant pizza and beer.

And if a good itinerary is the most important thing for a successful city break, an enjoyable breakfast is a close second. I headed to Boston Tea Party on Alfred Street on my second day where it did not disappoint.

Sidenote: it also looked like a good place to do some work if you ever find yourself needing somewhere to get some tasks ticked off while in Bath.

Of course, good coffee is always on the cards. I managed to visit Society Café, Mokoko coffee and also Colonna & Small’s that receives praise nationwide for its beans. I also went to Walcot House for a quick coffee and then found myself going back the next day for lunch. It is nice to have these coffee spots to hand as for me personally, trips away are as much about seeing a new place as they are about unwinding and taking it slower.

On this trip, I made two attempts to visit vegetarian restaurant Acorn and although I cannot vouch for it personally I have been told it is worthwhile booking ahead. Definitely one for next time! Other food tips I want to share with you are; The Whole Bagel for a quick lunch, The Scallop Shell, tapas bar Pintxo and for those of you who may have an interest in wine, Corkage would be a good suitor. It’s easy to reel off too many places, but if like me you like the idea of being decisive, this should be more than enough for your visit.

In terms of stores, there is a real mix that I would like to highlight. There Found for clothes, Meticulous Ink for beautiful stationery goods and gifts and also Magalleria that stocks a wide selection of independent magazines. What is nice to see, is that the community seems to really look after its independents and helps them thrive which is something I wish could be said for more places.

Now I cannot put together a city guide to Bath without mentioning The Royal Crescent and just leading up to it, The Circus. Both a short walk away from the centre, you will get a real feel for Bath if you walk in and amongst these two areas as well as seeing the Weir. Bath is a city that I will continue to revisit in years to come and I hope this guide puts you in good stead when visiting for yourself.

If you find yourself making a trip to Bath, why not visit our new David Clulow Opticians store on Union Street.

Words & Images by Jordan Bunker