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The Style Service

Eye for Detail - Javier The Style Service The Style Service

An exclusive plan that lets you take home 2/3 pairs of glasses and enjoy an interest free loan with no additional fees; allowing you to split the costs into convenient monthly payments whilst keeping you in style all year round.

What you’ll enjoy

An interest free loan with no additional fees.

Take home 2-3 pairs of brand new glasses

Choose from the best designer brands – including Chanel, Lindberg and Oliver Peoples – and start your glasses collection with a combination of 2 or 3 pairs of glasses and sunglasses.

Additional new pair of glasses every year, extending your plan*

Replace one pair of glasses for a fresh new pair of either prescription glasses/sunglasses or non prescription sunglasses at any time, adding an extra year to your plan.

Free re-glazing service

Your prescription may change but your favourite frames don’t need to. After your routine eye test every other year, we’ll also reglaze all the remaining eligible frames in your Style Service Plan to your latest prescription at no additional cost.

Quality personalised eye care

Take care of your eye health with a free eye test from our leading optometrists.

Complimentary frame and lens care when you need it

Enjoy breakage protection, product aftercare and personal style advice with the David Clulow Quality Promise.

*You will be entering into a new loan agreement with the new products you have selected, including submitting to a new credit search/ loan application. Luxottica Retail Uk Ltd t/a David Clulow Opticians is an appointed representative of Adaro Optics Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 924690. The permissions of Adaro Optics Limited as a Principal firm allow David Clulow Opticians to undertake credit broking. David Clulow Opticians , FRN 948304, acts as a credit broker and not a lender.

How it works


CHOOSE two or three pairs of frames or sunglasses* and start building your eyewear collection.


SELECT a new pair annually, keeping your eyewear up to date by changing one for one.


RECEIVE a free eye test from our leading optometrists.


REPLACE the lenses in your remaining eyewear collection every 2 years with our free re-glazing service.


PAY with a simple monthly plan that can be paid off at any time**

*Optical or Sunglass frames with Essilor prescription lenses, and can include one non-prescription frame.
**The total cost of your monthly instalments is calculated based on the value of your current collection, and paid over 24 or 36 months dependent on whether you have selected 2 or 3 frames, interest free. It can be paid off at any time, with the outstanding debt paid off in a single instalment or by continuing to pay through monthly instalments until the end of the plan.

Keep your eyewear collection up to date with your latest styles, while also receiving top-quality eye-care from our leading optometrists, and free re-glazing of all your glasses to your latest prescription.

When you sign up for The Style Service – our all-in-one plan you can instantly choose either two or three pairs of frames or sunglasses from our extensive range of designer brands and styles to take home. By building a personalised collection that’s ready to fit any style, you can be confident that your eyewear will always keep up with your look.

After your first year on The Style Service, change one pair for a brand-new set of either glasses or sunglasses, fitted with your latest prescription. After your second year, change another pair while also recieving a free eye-test and re-glazing of all the lenses in your remaining eyewear collection to your new prescription.* Each set of frames changing will be recycled with a donation made to our charitable partners, OneSight.

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The Style Service Children's Plan

The plan that takes care of your family

Update your child’s eyewear every year and get peace of mind with our detailed annual eye test and the best range of stylish frames.

Simply sign up for our all-in-one plan and your child can change their existing pair of glasses for a new pair every year. They can even receive one free replacement for broken frames. With a complete eye test from one of our qualified optometrists annually, you can rest assured that your child’s eye health is taken care of.

Choose to take out a plan exclusively for your child or add any number of children’s plans to your own plan an additional £3 a month per child*. Each set of frames you chose to change will be recycled.

The plan is fully subject to the David Clulow Quality Promise guaranteeing you breakage protection, tailored eye-care, product aftercare and personal style advice throughout.


*The total cost of your monthly instalments is £3 per month per child plus NHS voucher for any child frames and renews automatically each year.
*Upgrades available for kids plan lenses.

See for yourself

Your glasses:

The Prada frames you’ve had your eye on £250.


The best Essilor lenses for edge-to-edge clarity £250.


A new pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses for £150.

Your plan:

Initial payment of £27.16 followed by 23 monthly repayments of £27.08. Total repayable £650 over 24 months, interest-free.

There is also the option to add a third pair of glasses or sunglasses either within 30 days of joining The Style Service or at each annual upgrade, adding an extra year to your plan*.

Your yearly upgrade:

An additional pair of glasses for a new fresh pair of either prescription glasses or sunglasses.

*Your monthly payment plan will go up or down depending on the cost of the new replacement spectacles and is then fixed until you change your next pair. All returned glasses will be recycled.

Private shopping experience

If you’re concerned about visiting one of our stores at the moment, why not call ahead and book a private appointment? We’ll be happy to close the store exclusively for you so you can shop safely and receive a private eye examination by one of our qualified optometrists. Call your nearest store to book an appointment.

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The Style Service - Caught your eye?

Caught your eye?
Ask a team member in-store for more details and discover the ultimate way to own your glasses.

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