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Vision on the Road

Vision on the Road Vision On The Road Vision On The Road

After months of lockdown and border closures many of us are looking forward to escape on a road trip. The trouble is, many of us have neglected to get an up-to-date eye test over the break. At David Clulow Opticians, we know how important good vision is when it comes to road safety.

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Did you know?

As many as 1 in 3 drivers don’t feel comfortable driving at night because of their vision.

Two thirds of drivers are annoyed by visual fatigue.

90% of drivers don’t consider their eye health before embarking on a long road trip.

See your best on the road

Your eyes are the most valuable tool you have on the road in regard to you and your family’s safety. An up-to-date eye test and prescription from David Clulow Opticians will ensure you have the best possible vision when you are behind the wheel, and new advancements in lens technology will allow us to remedy glare and visual fatigue for optimal road safety.

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There’s innovative lenses and treatments
for increased road safety.

David Clulow Opticians, have a range of modern lenses that are built for comfort and road safety, so you can drive with confidence. Check lens suitability for road use.

Crizal® Anti-Reflection coating*

Crizal® Anti-Reflection coating provides an invisible shield that protects and reduces glare, so you can stay focussed on what matters. Protects against UV, which is deflected off the back of the lens.


Transitions Lenses adapt to changing light conditions. Reduce glare and provide comfort against bright lights.

Polarised lenses*

Polarised lenses offer UV protection and virtually eliminate distracting glare, so you can safely focus on the road.

*Available in-store only.

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Safer roads together

If you’re planning a road trip, make sure you’ve got the perfect pair of glasses with you. You can get an eye test based on your eye health needs from your local David Clulow Opticians.

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