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Eye Care

From your eye test through to finding the perfect frames and lenses for clear, comfortable vision, we will take the time to ensure that all aspects of your eye care are expertly looked after.

Eye Care

Healthy, well looked after eyes can make a massive difference to your all round well-being and the best way to maintain this is through regular eye tests. Using the latest eye examination technology, we can quickly establish the state of your vision.


In addition we can refer you on for dry eye clinic in Wigmore Street or refer you on where necessary for private cataract appointments and personal consultant care with Optegra our preferred partner or alternatively, at Moorfields, dependent on your needs.

Our eye tests can be booked over the phone, online or by visiting your nearest David Clulow store.

Why David Clulow? At David Clulow Opticians, you can rest assured that our thorough eye examinations provide a reassuringly accurate assessment of your vision.

We are committed to providing the very best quality when it comes to eye examinations and dedicate sufficient time to all patients to ensure the very best in eye care. A standard eye exam lasts for approximately half an hour and the optician will use a range of tests tailored to your individual needs.
All of our tests are carried out using the very best in eye care technology and included as part of a standard eye examination in the majority of our stores, we offer free retinal screening to look in far greater detail at the health of your inner eye and identify a range of potential conditions.  Regular retinal screening allows the optician to make year-on-year comparisons of the health of your eyes and easily detect any changes that have occurred. To see which of our stores offer retinal screening, please click here. In most of our stores, we also have an in-house glazing lab, meaning that we can provide a 1 hour service for your prescription eyewear*.
*Dependent on prescription.
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